False, motivated and mischievous narrative

Succumbing to the lobbying from terrorist friendly and anti India elements , active for years in a row , Geneva based UN Human Rights office has just forwarded the drafted lines authored by such elements, terming the same as ‘Report’ about the so called situation in Jammu and Kashmir . A strong protest from India slamming the artifice of calling white as black, by the UN rights office is the least, a highly democratic, tolerant , peace loving , secular and civilized nation, otherwise reeling under Pakistan sponsored terrorism for over four decades , could do . Not only is such a motivated and manufactured narrative atrocious but unexpectedly inscrutable. It could safely be termed as an attempt of blatant violation of India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
The entire world knows that the core issue about Jammu and Kashmir was cross -border terrorism sponsored ,trained , armed , indoctrinated and funded by Pakistan and it is wondered that such a burning hard core issue has very conveniently, if not cunningly, ignored by the UN Rights Office. Does such taciturnity and turning the face to other side by this UN Rights group not amount to according legitimacy to terror and how such a queer stand of one of the branch offices the World Body afford to be incongruent to and inconsistent with the most important stand, UN Security Council took wherein it not only condemned the gruesome Pulwama terror attack in Kashmir but also proscribed the Pakistan based terrorist Masood Azhar. This was done only on May 1 this year by listing him formally as an ‘International terrorist’. External Affairs Ministry has exposed the premise and proprietary of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) for issuing the “update” of its 2018 report on Kashmir which was quite far from the ground realities and was a bundle of lies, falsehood and nothing but cock and bull story.
That the predisposed and mischievously goaded report goes on to suggest for institution of a commission of enquiry to conduct an ‘independent comprehensive international investigation of human rights violation in Kashmir’ is the open proof of bowing to an anti India and pro terror lobby that blinds itself intentionally towards Pakistan sponsored terror acts like the recent one at Pulwama early this year which resulted into the martyrdom of 45 of our CRPF personnel . It is a bizarre move to keep on the same footing, the victim of terror and the one which manufactures and sponsors terror. It is a flagrant move, as the MEA spokesperson termed of “contrived effort to create an artificial parity between the world’s largest and the most vibrant democracy and a country that only practices state-sponsored terrorism.” Such a report and the contents it is loaded with, does openly expose its intrinsic motive, that of shutting eyes and plugging ears towards frequent acts of terrorism and the associated mayhem it brings in its wake but exaggerates acts of resisting such acts in the interests of safety and security of the people
The report is silent about how border violations, that of unprovoked firing and shelling was, as a routine, indulged in by Pakistan to provide cover to infiltrators to cross from Pakistani territory into this side .The report is astonishingly closemouthed and zipped over cold blooded spate of killings of civilians in Kashmir including women, preceded by their abduction, even a 14 year old boy held hostage and despite village elders and the family members of the victim pleading for releasing the boy over a public address system , despite the opportunity and the facility all provided by the Indian security forces , the boy is still killed . If the innate aim of dishing out of such reports, influenced by Joseph Goebbels’s tricks of lies and false propaganda, is to glorify and legitimise terror, then the day is not far when the World Body meets the same fate as that of League of Nations of its efficacy and purpose . Therefore, India has very rightly rubbished and rejected, ab initio, this report of the OHCHR.


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