Fake WhatsApp messages

Unsolicited mailing, phishing, spamming and other means of misusing WhatsApp social media platform has turned into a menace needing stringent action by the Government against those engaged in such a criminal misuse. Since inspections , verifications and auditing of such websites and accounts is now become a necessary requirement to prevent the gross misuse, the UT Government , having decided to conduct such audits of all websites and sensitization of employees on such fake and unsolicited messages is a welcome step . What is , therefore, needed is implementation of the decision in letter and in spirit as the practice has turned into a scourge. Professional agencies need to be involved in the exercise and those approved and thus empanelled, must conduct security audit without which such digital services should not be allowed to be ”rendered” in any case.
While we hope all the concerned departments of the UT shall start this exercise conducted at the earliest, the Government must take strict measures to curb increasing misuse of this social media in cases other than pertaining to UT Departments. This platform otherwise is extensively used in majority of cases for spreading falsehood, unsubstantiated and unconfirmed information, rumours, blowing petty incidents out of proportion, inciting and promoting hostilities , writing unsolicited comments besides blackmailing and issuing threats etc which need to be prevented and action taken against those involved. Hackers , on the other hand, are not only evolving newer methods and ways to influence , effect and even steal the vital data but jam and exploit such websites taking advantages of certain weaknesses in them which need to be prevented for which security auditing and inspections and on continuous basis are important.