Facilities for cancer treatment

Can there be any justification in disregarding the directions of the court, still worse the contempt petition too not motivating the State Government to take necessary action in respect of the procurement of PET machines ? It is a thing to be believed that there is only one PET machine for one crore population and with extensive geographical dispersal in our State.
A PET scanner is an imaging test used for detecting various diseases and how ably various vital organs functioned. In a contempt petition filed against the State Government in the captioned matter, whereby seeking basic facilities for treatment of cancer in the State, Division Bench of State High Court comprising Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice Tashi Rabstan has expressed displeasure over the response of the Government in not doing anything in the matter. It has, therefore, directed Principal Secretary Health and Medical Education Department to appear in person on December 24, 2018. The DB has observed that even the Court orders and pendency of the present contempt petition have not moved the State Government to undertake necessary action.
It may be recalled that in February 2016 the State Government was directed by the High Court to get the services of Oncologists from neighbouring states and ensure availability of PET scanner machines in all the Medical Colleges in the state. Sufficient time was given by the High Court for complying with the directives but, in short, till date they are not implemented.