Facebook responds to Govt notice on data breach

Facebook can make us more narrow-minded: study
Facebook can make us more narrow-minded: study

NEW DELHI, May 11: Facebook has responded to Indian Government’s latest notice over alleged data breach, outlining in detail the “changes made” to protect users’ information.

The UK-based Cambridge Analytica, however, is yet to send its formal response to Government’s second notice, an IT Ministry official said, adding that a view will be taken once both the replies are in place and reviewed.

A spokesperson of the social media giant said Facebook is grateful to the Indian Government for giving it an opportunity to address concerns.

“We are committed to protecting people’s information and safeguarding the integrity of elections in India,” a Facebook spokesperson said in an e-mail.

“We hope we have helped to answer important questions about the changes we have made to further protect users information as well as elections from abuse and exploitation including removing fake accounts, increasing ads transparency and reducing the spread of false news,” the spokesperson added.  (AGENCIES)