Explore the Roof of Karnataka –The Mountains of Chikmagalur

For those who contemplate an offbeat trip to Karnataka, then Chikmagalur is not a bad idea. The journey from Bangalore to Chikmagalur is around 240 kms, and it involves a charming drive along the Western Ghats, which will make travellers want to pause and enjoy the views at every turn. Car hire is considered a better option than a regular cab, as one will then have total freedom and enjoy the road trip on your own terms. Chikmagalur could also be the base to explore the fascinating wilderness of this part of Karnataka.


Its mild climate and scenery have attracted visitors from across Karnataka for ages, but Chikmagalur is now becoming even more popular with nature enthusiasts from all over India. The coffee estates of this region are world famous, and a drive around the small town will lead curious explorers through many famed plantations. Sip the fresh brews at one of the many local coffee stalls. The cuisine of Chikmagalur is known for its spicy ingredients. Rice and fish curry is a popular meal.

Explore the Mountains

Kudremukh which literally translates to ‘horse-face’ is one of the highest peaks in Karnataka, and a favourite for outdoor enthusiasts. A Chikmagalur visit would be incomplete without a visit to this mountain, where one can enjoy an invigorating trek. Choose from more than a dozen routes. The thick forests of this region are home to the lion-tailed macaque, and the higher reaches of the peak are known for their distinctive grassy slopes.

Baba Budan Giri and Mullayanagiri are two more peaks where you can enjoy some resplendent moments soaked in nature, crispy cool air, and tranquillity. This region is also home to a shrine of a Sufi saint, and there are some caves which you can explore.

Drive to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

A day outing to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is always recommended. The reserve is just a 40-km drive away from Chikmagalur and is home to a healthy population of tigers. Leopards and wild dogs are some of the other predators, while the area is home to wild elephants too. Bird enthusiasts will enjoy their jaunt into this rich forest – some of the avian species found here are the Malabar trogon, the great black woodpecker, and many more.

Enjoy exploring this wild and beautiful terrain. The Hebbe Falls and Manikyadhara Falls are two of the major natural attractions here. When in Bhadra, visitors will be greeted by many beautiful and panoramic sights of the surrounding valleys, as the forest is surrounded by the loftiest peaks of the state.

Karnataka is an endless list of fascinating destinations. Bangalore is blessed with great connectivity and proximity to places that offer a wide range of experiences. The misty hills are all around, and Chikmagalur, with its laid-back and picturesque setting, is the ideal road trip destination. Aimed at those looking for a good self drive car rental, Zoomcar offers a wide range of vehicles at affordable rates, and features also include 24/7 on-road support. Round up the friends, and start packing the bags.

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