Exercising franchise

Our country is one of the leading democracies in the world. Periodic elections are regularly held as per the scheduled arrangement enshrined in the constitution. The Indian electorates have registered substantial maturity over a period of time in terms of national value of the ballot with the accompanying duty to exercise the franchise on war footing to return highly virtuous and responsive candidates to the parliament, who are competent to deliberate and deliver in true national spirit by framing effective policies and laws. The emotionally sensitive Indian voter may be finding himself at the cross roads to lock the best available option out of the multitudes of candidates representing various national and regional stalwarts wedded to varying ideologies and philosophies. Players on the opposite side also carry multiple caste tags coupled with leftist, rightist and Secularist combinations.
In this twilight hour all eligible Indian voters have to take the call. This is their time, a golden moment, invaluable opportunity to strike when the iron is hot for things to shape up as per their national aspirations and dreams. We have not to let the godsend boon to fritter away. This is the wake up call to come to the rescue of the beloved motherland clamouring for emancipation from the clutches of age old defeatist mindset, the chronic colonial legacy inherited from the foxy Britishers , the progenitors of destructive doctrine of Divinde and Ruleon the one hand and evolving a vibrant, a viable globally accepted doctrine of Nation First for all 125 crores of Indians irrespective of caste, creed and colour on the other hand. Unarguably the Nation at this critical juncture is fully geared up and poised to take the quantum jump from the painstakingly built up platform to notch up the pinnacle of glory. Trigger lies with the enlightened and awakened citizens of India.
Keeping in view the International scenario , intractable , unstable , unreliable neighbour like Pakistan and expansionist China in our backyard the country needs a full majority stable Govt not a shaky coalition Govt stitched together with strange and mismatched bed fellows. We are electing the union Govt not the State Governments wherein the local issues weigh heavily. We have to shun the parochial thinking with a bold initiative to send top ranking parliamentarians to the white house of Indian Parliament who are competent to debate sensibly and are not obsessed with premeditated designs to block the needed reforms to enable the Nation to move forward in the global horizon. It is fervently desired that the awakened sensible Indian electorates rise to the occasion and turn up in multitudes to fulfil their filial obligation.
P C Sharma
Trikuta Nagar,


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