Exam Stress Management

This has reference to the news item ‘DSEJ provides’ Exam Stress Management” counselling to 30,000 students’ DE Feb 28, 2019.
The Directorate of School Education deserves kudos for arranging the counselling session for the student community. One is sure that this session may prove quite fruitful to students who are to appear in the forthcoming Board examination. It has been observed that not only students but their parents suffer from stress during examinations. Those who can’t face stress suffer badly in exams, leading them at times to take the extreme step of suicide. If students are counselled properly before exams there are chances that they may fair quite good even if they are not much prepared for the D-Day.
It is expected that the Directorate may take such measures in the future as well. It should not be a one time affair just for gaining popularity or commendation from the concerned quarters.
Sudesh Kumar