EVM Vs Ballot – boxes

The decision of the Supreme Court to allow EVMs for elections in India is a step in right direction.
EVM system has replaced old system of voting when people used to stand in queues and drop their vote into the ballot-box on their turn. The system was time consuming and boring one. Polling stations often remained jam packed and rowdy too. Sometimes atmosphere at polling stations went surcharged and situation turned into law and order problem. After a long thoughtful exercise EVM system stood initiated in the country by the Election Commission of India. This system is in operation in many countries of the world. Till date this system is working properly. The agency under the Election Commission of India follows the guidelines and accordingly educate the voters in the process of election. Polling staff is also trained in the new system of voting. As the system is scientific one and its accuracy has been verified from the past, it is unfortunate that some political parties raise finger against the validity of the EVM and try to misguide the voters. One is at a loss to understand that when such people win, then the EVM and the system is all OK but on the contrary when they lose, they make hue and cry, about proper working of EVMs. These are gimmicks in the political system of the country.
S N Raina