EU to send Turkey $431mln to restore Earthquake-hit infrastructure

ANKARA, Feb 12 : The European Union intends to supply Turkey with a 400 million euro ($431.7 million) aid package, out of the agreed 1 billion euros, in February, facilitating the restoration of the provinces hit by a deadly earthquake last year, the Turkiye newspaper reported on Monday, citing diplomatic sources.

Last year, the European Solidarity Fund (EUSF) agreed to allocate 1 billion euros for Turkey to support the country following the devastating earthquake that struck 11 provinces of Turkey and northern Syria on February 6, 2023. This would be the highest amount of aid ever provided to a candidate country under the EU Solidarity Fund.

The Turkish Treasury is expected to receive the funds in the course of February, unspecified diplomatic sources told Turkiye, adding that the date, however, might be changed by the European Commission.

“A method of reimbursing expenses, made immediately after an earthquake, will be our priority. If it is considered necessary, other processes may be financed as well,” the sources told the newspaper.

The financial aid is aimed at restoring critical infrastructure in healthcare, education, water, temporary housing, protecting cultural heritage, and rebuilding some historical objects, the sources added. (UNI)