Etiquettes that matter

Novika Vij
If you dream about a great job, want to get into good school, build a strong career or become the best version of yourself, it’s essential to know how to have Etiquettes.The power of manners is infinite, it crosses borders and lines. The nobles are never hidden or forgotten. There are certain manners that are so universally important, that where ever you go, whether in the country or outside the country, with etiquettes you will be welcomed even if you are one without wealth or intelligence.
I firmly believe that good personality comes from knowing good manners. Etiquette Makeover helps an individual to enhance his confidence and courtesy. It’s all about how to conduct oneself in any given situation and being polite and respectful towards others.
Beauty Makeover enhances an individual personality from outside completely and Etiquette Makeover enhances the inner aspects.
What is Etiquette?
In simple words, etiquette is our expected behavior in the society. In a civilized society, it is essential to understand the accepted behaviors . Learning and mastering the rules and protocols of etiquette will help you engage with other and progress professionally and personally.
Benefits of etiquette
First Impression counts ; knowing proper Introduction & greeting etiquette makes a difference. From how to greet and where to sit all counts for the first meeting . The attentive and courteous behavior help make a good first impression. In fact, anything less can ruin the one chance that you have at making that first good impression.
Opportunity : The studies suggests that young people who have proper manners and social skills “stand out amongst others.” It is said that people who have a solid foundation of good manners and etiquette have an immediate advantage over their less polite competitors when they enter the workplace.
Dining Etiquette: It improves confidence and fosters a sense of security. It tell us how to behave in a restaurant, treat the server or eat challenging food. It can have a big effect on your social standing, proper table manners can make a deal whereas bad table manners will leave a bad impression.
Telephone Etiquette- It is essential to learn how one should interact with the other person over the phone. Telephone etiquette refers to the way an individual should speak on the phone. We should know the etiquette of putting the other person on hold.
Net Etiquette
In today’s global world, net etiquette like Email etiquette and Social Media can make the communication more professional and help you send clear and concise message.
Body Posture; Body posture includes the art of sitting, standing and walking like a Lady/ Gentleman . You might wonder what posture has to do with communication and etiquette, but it plays a very important role. Body language is a type of non verbal communication, which includes posture, facial expression, and your hand gesture.A poised posture leads to positive and confident communication.
Professional etiquette training is beneficial for companies and individuals. The professional success of an individual depends on how well he or she can build strong relationships. Employees who undergo training will learn how to build stronger, better and more successful relationships.
(The author is founder of Shine Dine Etiquette)