Establishing a’Family Court’

Family matters constitute bulk of litigations that are to be decided in courts and due to the courts already overburdened with pending cases of various hues, they usually take longer periods in getting resolved and decided . To overcome this segment of the court cases, establishing of family court , the first ever in Srinagar, which was recently inaugurated by the Chief Justice, is really a step in the right direction. This move was going to bring about spectacular changes as it was going to provide exclusive environment and space to ensure dispensation of speedy justice and also inexpensive relief in family matters with ”least formalities”.
The current era with lot of intricate issues around, really cries for innovative changes and reforms as also providing such platforms which ensured savings on time, botheration and that avoidable lengthy paper works and formalities. Going by with what aim the family court was going to function after its formal establishment ,there can be no qualms about preference to be given to reconciliation and counselling and promoting settling disputes through mutual understanding on more clear terms buttressed by the intervention of such courts. Results can be not only stupendous and awesome but more and more people shall be prompted to refer their matters of the ”four walls” to such courts hence the need to establishing them in each and every district of the UT.