Erosion of Moral Values

Over the last few years,there has been a perceptible erosion of moral values of the people in the society.There have been instances where the people have misbehaved with the elderly people and even with other relatives over petty issues. Newspapers often carry reports of road rage, loss of temper and use of abusive words at the slightest provocation.The cherished moral values such as truth,sacrifice, obedience, courtesy, honesty, patience, empathy, respect for elders, compassion etc ,have been the hallmark of Indian cultural ethos. But these values are fast vanishing from our society.Thus, there is need to inculcate these values in our children right from their childhood.Parents, teachers and the society ought to be the role models for the children.Parents must train their children to discriminate between what is right and what is wrong and encourage them to speak the truth howsoever bitter it may be and face life as it unfolds..The teachers have a great impact on their students, They must tell the students to cultivate the values of truth, respect for parents and teachers and help the needy, which have been our cherished values since times immemorial.We have so many stories from our scriptures and literature which teach us the lesson of truth,sacrifice, compassion, service of parents, obedience etc.Therefore, children ought to be told the stories having inspiring moral lessons.Shravana served his blind parents by carrying them to wherever he went.Rama obeyed his father by relinquishing his kingdom and going on exile for 14 long yrs on the orders of his father.Raja Harish Chandera always stood for Dharma and truth.
The parents should themselves serve as epitome of truth, patience, affection, kindness and compassion for their children.Schools should reserve at least one period for Moral Education in the Time Table and the society ought to be free from corruption, jealousy, violence etc and it should appreciate and promote higher moral values of life. Last but not least, there is need to revert to the joint family system so that children get a lot of love and affection from parents, grandparents, uncles and other relatives and learn these values and grow into obedient, responsible, affectionate and empathetic citizens.
Sansar Chand,
Vill Kolakh, Teh Latti (Udhampur)