Eradication of corruption

In fact, no one is born corrupt. It is system of governance or the people in a Govt who are more or less responsible for this evil. Undoubtedly, selfish nature of mankind also can’t be ignored as one of the factors in propagation of this malady.Among eighty four lakh living beings, it is only human being that earns its livelihood, but remains unfed and unsatisfied, whereas other creatures earn not, but remain fed and satisfied. Such is the delusion (Maya) of this world. Corruption is a serious malice. It immoralises even a good natured one, when chanced to do so.
It isn’t less mysterious and surprising that this practice is done by those who need it least. It is just to accumulate heaps of money, fully knowing that the last journey has to be singly and empty handed. For whom, this non-sense is done (for family) don’t come to rescue when death knocks at the door.
Kith and kins with whom one enjoys the ill-gotten wealth, accompany only upto cremation ground. Moreover, it is not at all justified to take bribe, commissions, gratification or any sort of favouritism and nepotism when not sanctioned by law and morality. Service of mankind is service of God. No religion is above humanity. If one really loves God, must love with the mankind.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)