Eradication of corruption

Deadliest diseases and ugliest habits and customs do prevail from time to time in a society but continuous efforts and endeavours, if sincerely taken, can definitely prove effective in their eradication. Among all social evils, the society ever witnesses, prevalence of corruption stands at serial number one, not because it is dangerous in nature, but it exists everywhere in varying degrees and dimensions. The malice isn’t body concerned, it is moral degradation and concerns with soul. When calculation of a man goes wrong, starts doing all unfair activities to accumulate money. Here, he forgets that everyone comes empty handed and goes empty handed, what necessitates one to run after wealth and material is yet to be discovered. The last journey of life has to be treaded alone.
Only good deeds accompany the soul. It is fautly and loopholed systems of a Govt which give space to such practices. Earning through immoral ways is always sinful, and therefore, brings no credit here or hereafter. The progeny for whom this non-sense is done, never comes to rescue when the death knocks at the door. Every act of a man should be morally and legally justified. Therefore, any amount of words can’t adequately condemn the slur of corruption. Hence its eradication from root and branch can’t be over emphasised.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)