Eradicate corruption

Obviously, when almost whole society stands effected with the malice of corruption, any talk against it would surely invite displeasure by those who are neck-deep in it. Corruption is highly contagious disease, prevalent everywhere. In certain deptts, it is excessively exercised. Commonly, where one gots chance, does it. It is not less encouraging that the exceptions still exist and morality prevails. Now, question arises, why a man goes corrupt, when it is neither legally acceptable nor morally sound. Even educationally rich and economically sound persons, don’t hesitate to indulge in this evil. Actually, it isn’t a need but greed of an individual. Circumstances and conditions plans their role and attract one for it. Undeniably, when immorality prevails, corruption generates and when the system of governance is loose,it flourishes. It has a large family like bribe, scams, embezzlements, commissions, gratifications, dereliction of duty, deceitfulness and any act lacking moral and legal sanctions. Moral turpitude is the root cause of this evil. Exteme materialism and absence of the law of the land, encourage this, unhealthy practice. The society where good or bad aren’t narrowly differentiated, such evils prevail. To overcome this phenamenon, revolutionary reforms are needed. Moral education to youngesters, and stern laws can only shorten its graph. Alas! though wonders have been achieved during the Modi’s rule, this evil still continues unabated. Corruption weakens the society and creates dissatisfaction among the masses. Character of citizens is considered more valuable to make a nation strong and healthy than any amount of weaponary or wealth. Hence a need for eradication of this evil can’t be overemphasised.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)