Equip CCTVs with AI tools to record footfall of tourists: Yogi

LUCKNOW, Mar 4 : Expressing happiness over the significant increase in the number of tourists in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday said that the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can be taken to accurately ascertain the number of tourists at tourist places.

Addressing a function after inaugurating and laying the foundation stone of 762 development projects totaling Rs 2,758 crore, the Chief Minister said, “the current influx of tourists to UP has doubled, surpassing the state’s population. We should connect CCTV cameras installed at tourist places with AI tools so that we can know exactly how many tourists are coming to any tourist place.”

Congratulating the people of the state for all the schemes related to the Tourism Department, he said, “For the first time, we are simultaneously inaugurating and laying the foundation stone for schemes based on proposals from the public representatives, Pro-poor scheme and the Chief Minister Tourism Development Scheme, aimed at systematically developing tourism spots across all 75 districts and 403 Assembly constituencies of the state.”

Highlighting the transformation of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi said, “Today, we witness a new UP emerging. From a tourism perspective, our efforts extend beyond the development of individual sites as we strive to foster overall growth, ecosystem preservation, and employment opportunities. With clear government intentions and swift execution, we witness tangible results.”

He said the improved security and law enforcement in the state have reshaped perceptions of Uttar Pradesh. “The government’s decisions have yielded significant benefits. Kashi Vishwanath Dham in Kashi, Ayodhya Dham in Ayodhya, and Naimish Tirtha in Naimish have been revitalised. The Vindhyavasini Corridor has undergone a remarkable transformation, while Brijbhoomi is once again captivating the world’s attention,” he said.

The Chief Minister said events like Prayagraj’s Kumbh, the development of religious places like Chitrakoot, and Shuktirtha, along the systematic promotion of heritage and eco-tourism, have contributed to Uttar Pradesh’s remarkable turnaround, making it a preferred destination for tourists.

He cited examples of cities like Kashi, Ayodhya, Mathura, Prayagraj, and Gorakhpur, where hotels are fully booked, taxi services are in high demand, markets have seen exponential growth and restaurants are bustling with activity.

Yogi said, “Today, the whole world is eager to explore Uttar Pradesh. “‘The state has transformed into a land of celebration from a once-troubled region. What was once considered a state of chaos has now become a symbol of faith and prosperity under the leadership of the double-engine government.”

He said Uttar Pradesh, which was once labeled as a ‘breaker’ in the country’s development, has today emerged as a ‘breakthrough’ state. “It is no longer considered a BIMARU state but has transformed into a revenue surplus state, attracting significant investment. The service sector, including the establishment of quality hotels and restaurants, has played a pivotal role in this transformation,” he said.

The Chief Minister noted the significant shift in perception regarding religious sites like Ayodhya, from where people now return satisfied with no fear of anything. He expressed confidence in the state’s capacity to accommodate large gatherings of devotees, citing examples such as Kashi Vishwanath Dham and Vindhyavasini Dham.

He emphasised the importance of the development of forts in Bundelkhand from a tourism perspective, alongside spiritual tourism. He urged the Tourism Department to expedite the formulation of a policy in this regard.

Yogi directed the departmental officials to develop a digital tourist map and set up tourist desks at every Airport, railway station, and bus station in the state. “This initiative aims to provide tourists with information about important tourist sites, accommodation options, and dining facilities. It is believed that with the implementation of such measures, Uttar Pradesh will attract a significant influx of tourists, establishing itself as a premier tourist destination,” he said.

Yogi said, “Next year, Prayagraj will host the Kumbh Mela. The government is diligently working to ensure that it surpasses the grandeur of the 2019 event. We have already initiated significant projects focused on enhancing cleanliness, orderliness, and safety during the Kumbh.”

Regarding the Kukrail Night Safari in Lucknow, the Chief Minister mentioned ongoing preparations to commence operations as soon as possible. “This initiative aims to provide children with both entertainment and educational experiences,” he said. (UNI)