Ensuring more transparency in recruitments

To call a spade a spade , many a time, fingers used to be raised on the credibility and ”smooth” conducting of the exercise of recruitments in Government jobs of different cadres as and when held in Jammu and Kashmir. Many eligible meritorious candidates, rightly or otherwise, used to nurse a grudge about the usual absence of the element of transparency allowed to run through many recruitment exercises, even though, agreeably, it could not be generalised as well. However, the satisfaction on that count is that such a scenario could now be only a thing of the past as we have been seeing now a paradigm shift in the very approach and policy of the UT Government to the exercises of recruitments. Changes to be brought in and made to replace the existing system replete with loopholes or exit points, if any, do take some time but once there is an administrative will, changes are assured to take their rightful place to operate sooner than any later.
Under such changing scenario, should even a whimper about any breach of smoothness, fair play and ordinary course in recruitments be forthcoming from any aggrieved candidate, if found to be based on genuine reasons, suitable action including rescinding of the entire process is now ordered as we saw in the case of the Police Sub Inspectors’ examination and rolling out of the list of ”successful” candidates. In other words, under such circumstances, a probe decided to be instituted to establish credibility in the system and instilling confidence of absolute fair play in the process of recruitment, is now becoming an established process. Besides, certain structural changes, modifications already put in place have further made the process hassles free and pre-empted any chances of manoeuvring and manipulations albeit at the stage of interviews which up to certain levels of Non- gazetted cadre, are now dispensed with. We fully support these much needed reforms in recruitments especially looking to the vast Human Resources available in Jammu and Kashmir to offer their services especially the educated young unemployed persons.
The UT Government by recently ordering cancelling of two recruitments of the posts of Finance Accounts Assistants (FAAs) and Junior Engineering (Civil ) conducted by Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board (JKSSB) and ordering a CBI probe into the alleged irregularities, as suspected, are surely going to establish the credibility aspects coupled with the requisite transparency into such recruitment exercises. Not only that, any culprit or the one having employed underhand means of any type were going to face the consequences, reads the other part of the order. Once again done this, we are sure, in future those trying to subvert the system of transparency will think twice keeping in view the consequences thereof. After all, without any rhyme or reason, the “aggrieved” candidates will not resort to protests on the streets demanding scrapping of the “final” Selection List. Whether element of corruption has proved to be the ”consideration” of accommodation of any nature must get unfolded and if so, the growing response across the country against corruption must unnerve the culprits since sooner or later, corrupt practices are bound to meet the fate of Noida Towers.
Merit alone, therefore, should be the deciding factor and any sort of compromise on that, in the present era of more consciousness and recourse to available avenues of redemption and seeking relief, hardly can be afforded to be kept hidden. Those who work hard for getting through mandatory tests for recruitment plus having better ranks in the academic sphere, alone should get chances as against the obverse. Therefore, the decision to rescind the already conducted two recruitments by the designated Board not only was going to give a shake into the entire structure of the Selection Board but the proposed CBI enquiry would find where ”Black Sheep” in the system were working to subvert the system itself robbing it of its credibility. The prompt and concerted response of the UT Government to allegations of irregularities in shaping the ”final list” of selection is commendable .