Enhancing “competence” through on-line mode

Reforms and innovative measures with intent to tone up and streamline the functioning of all departments must not only be at the top of the agenda of the priorities of the Government but their implementation ensured too. Such measures result in better performance of the departments and even in causing receipt of added revenues, wherever applicable, projecting, therefore, a better performance and on desired levels in an era of ”perform or perish”.
Geology and Mining department, very often, facing criticism on various counts related to mining issues has emerged with enviable results by causing its revenues a jump from a paltry Rs.50 crores from previous years to Rs.321 crores or in other words, a quantum jump of over 500 percent. This all could happen due to introducing the requisite reforms in tune with the demanding times by deciding to give credence to utter transparency and healthy competition in the form of e-auctioning rather than from conventional open auctioning of mineral blocks and other reforms coupled with streamlining its functioning. Again, noteworthy reform introduced by the Department is introducing single window facility to clear projects to cut on time and hassles of moving from one to the other office for the purpose. Unless innovative measures, digitization, on-line system, transparency and other reforms are mandatorily introduced in the system of working, better results shall keep eluding projections and expected target achievements.