Engaging Senior Residents through ‘Backdoor’

No advertisement, no applications called, no Selection Committee and no rules and regulations etc have brought into the questionable limelight engaging of Senior Residents in Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS), Soura Srinagar. The candidates have been cherry picked from various departments without a due process. However, it has strangely been underlined if not managed, that the action of such engagement sans legitimacy, was to be confirmed later by a ‘Selection Committee’ which looks quite interesting but totally ludicrous .
That on frequent basis, the trend to attribute everything which looks in content and form irregular, to the constraints on account of COVID-19 pandemic is uncalled for as is sought to be put forth reportedly in the instant case. The example of GMC Srinagar should have been followed by the SKIMS authorities in the above case. That could have pre-empted the resentment among the other eligible candidates from other departments like Radiation Oncology etc. The need is to set the wrong right to everyone’s satisfaction.