Enforce Model Code of Conduct strictly

Now that the entire country is slated to be poised for electing new Lok Sabha , which means a full one month of political activity to motivate the voter by contesting candidates and parties by offering better governance and dishing out new promises, which shall last up to May 19, and the results of which shall be known by May 23 after the counting of votes is completed , the need is that all contesting political parties adhered to Model Code of Conduct scrupulously so that the energy and major part of efforts of the EC did not get diverted towards enforcing the same or resolving individual violations brought into its notice by different contesting parties .
Since entire world is watching and has been appreciating the conducting of elections of the largest democracy in the world, each one of the contesting candidates is expected to come up to the expectations of the EC so that the entire poll process gets concluded in a satisfactory, fool proof and transparent way for which the EC of India is known the world over. Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) is going to be used in all polling stations this time lending the process more credence and probity which would pre-empt the habit of some politicians to cast doubts on the EVMs.
This election brings with it an element of increasing levels of contesting as Narendra Modi led NDA is seeking re-election to govern the country against which almost the entire opposition has girded up its loins to unseat the combination led by him . Seven phase polling shall remain not only interesting but one of the strongest electoral battles ‘fought’ all these decades in this country since we became a Republic.