End terrorism

No religion teaches its followers to destroy innocent lives, kill their fellow beings, and sow the seeds of strife in the name of their faith, no religion preaches violence, aggression or cruelty.
In a world torn by sectarianism and intolerance, religion is exploited by unscrupulous elements who fan the flames of hatred in the name of their faith and belief.
Think of the hundreds of thousands of dumb, defenceless animals that are killed day after day in our soulless cities.
When God made man, he gave him the same amount of freedom which he kept for himself. But freedom entails responsibility. If you do a right thing you will get the right consequences, the just fruits of your actions, if you do a wrong thing you will have to face its ill-effects, for the law of ‘Karma’ is the law of the seed; as you sow, so shall you reap.
Sanjay Dhar