Encouraging gesture

Chief Minister’s address to the members of the Apex Committee on Migrants has been received as an expression of good gesture towards the displaced persons. Chief Minister’s seriousness in tackling the issues of the migrants is reflected in the fact that he himself chaired the meeting which lasted four hours and was attended by top level state bureaucracy and ministers of concerned departments. No fewer than 24 out of a total of 34 members of the Committee present in the meeting made up the majority of participants. The Chief Minister made many commitments that responded to some long standing demands of the migrants. The most significant commitment was that an ordinance would be brought in for the constitution of a Board for the Kashmiri Hindu temples and shrines as is envisaged in the bill to the same purpose. The next meeting of the cabinet will hopefully pass the resolution for ordinance. It will be reminded that the Pandits had been expressing deep concern on regular vandalizing of temples and shrine properties in the valley, and stressed upon the Government to take steps to protect these symbols of heritage. The Chief Minister assured the committee that he had already taken up the question of enhancement of relief amount and it was on the anvil. Relaxation of 2 years in the age limit of migrants for purpose of enrolment in Government service is a good relief to the concerns of the affected migrants. Live to all dimensions of return and restitution of the community, the CM assured that there would be no coercion for return. Interests of petty shopkeepers now living in Jagati camp who lost their livelihood would also be take into account. This is the first time that the CM has reacted to many demands of the migrants with fair amount of confidence and certitude. The migrants should reciprocate the good gesture and also understand that most of their problems can get solved through dialogue and interaction and not through boycotts.





        Trust deficit

The states and the Central Government should work overtime to remove the Trust deficit that prevails over formation of National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) as it can weaken the will to fight terrorism in the country.
Terrorism is not a single State specific problem but concerns the whole country. Unless there is a synergy between all states and the centre on this vital issue, terrorism won’t vanish from the State. It need to be fought jointly by all the States.
There have been allegations that the failure of intelligence agencies is largely due to lack of coordination between them. Time and again, it has been suggested that a single agency should be responsible for collecting and dissemenating information with regard to any terror activity.
The Central Government should on its part do everything possible to allay the apprehensions of the non-Congress States over the functioning of NCTC.
It will be in the interest of the nation.
Yours etc…
Vinod Kohli

                             Gen Zorawar statue
This has reference to the news sitem ‘JU to install sculpture of Gen Zorawar Singh infront of GZSAC’ DE April 18.
It will be a great tribute to the Great Dogra ruler if a statue of Gen Zorawar Singh is installed infront of GZSAC.
Gen Zorawar Singh has played an important role in shaping the history of  this State. His contribution needs to be highlighted and remembered so that the coming generations can imbibe spirit of bravery, courage and sacrifice.
At a time when we fail to find a suitable leader to guide us and take us on the path and progress, and who can inspire us to take the country forward, the importance of role models like Zorawar Singh gets further underlined.
The Jammu University authorities deserve to be appreciated for floating the idea and giving it a shape in coming time.
Yours etc….
Jagjit Jamwal

Ban on Water bottles
Refer news item ‘Mineral water bottles banned in Leh ‘ DE Apr 18.
The decision of the LAHDC, Leh to impose ban on importing mineral water bottles in Leh district is more than welcome.
The move will help in checking rising pollution in the district. Due to heavy rush of tourists every year the eco-system of the  region fast deteriorating. Besides, bottles and plastic bags choke drains in the Leh city causing impediments  in free flow of sewage water. The bottles littered here and there present an ugly picture of this famous tourist place.
However, it may be said here that the Leh administration should have alternatives available with them. If LAHDC can’t provide any alternative, it may cause great hardships to tourists visiting the region. Rather, the ‘alternative’ should have been in use during this time when the tourist season  has yet to take off  LAHDC authorities should work overtime to provide alternatives to tourists.
Yours etc….
Tsering Angchok