Empowerment of women

I think the words the empowerment of women have now remained confined simply to the headings and empty sloganeering of various dispensations because in actual practice nothing notable, appreciable and substantial progress has been made.Gone are the days when the women enjoyed special status in every field and were called “Grah Laxmi” how far does a man lend a helping hand to a woman in the discharge of domestic daily duties from preparing school going children, setting their school bags preparing tiffin and motivating them to go to school, when they often feel disinclined to do so.
The women folk nearly 50 percent of population have no 50 percent representation in legislatures and Parliament. The working women are often abused and mishebaved by their immediate bosses, the literacy rate of the women is very low especially in the states like Bihar etc. There are numberless matrimonial cases pending in the courts awaiting decisions thereby oppressing women. No doubt, efforts are afoot in India for their upliftment in every field social, political and economic but strenuous efforts have to be undertaken to get back the prestigious status of the women for which they were widely known in the times gone by.
Dwarika Nath Raina
Upper Muthi, Jammu