Empower Panchayats

The Governments of Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are urged to empower the Panchayati Raj institutions in their respective regions without further wastage of time. There was great expectations that after Panchayati elections, these grassroot institutions would be fully empowered to run them successfully to meet short and long term objectives.
But that does not seem to have been achieved as can be ascertained from Panches and Sarpanches agitation. These PRI members are demanding their pending dues which Government had promised them. The wonders how could these PRIs functions without financial assistance.
Besides these members need to be provided security to carry on their duties without feer. However, it may be said here that only those members be provided security who are working in militancy infested areas, and are vulnerable to attacks. Those working in peaceful areas do not deserve security cover, as it would create a VIP culture among Sarpanches and Panches. That would in turn make them inaccessible to common man as can be seen in the case of MLAs and MPs.
The genuine demands raised by PRIs should be met without further delay of time.
Amarnath Sharma