Employment in another perspective

Can it in normal course be imagined that a project underway could generate employment to the extent of 5 crore mandays? Looking at employment only through a conventional very small and limited prism of Government jobs alone was tantamount to not understanding the concept of employment in the changed world order. Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Link Project has so far provided employment and livelihood of 5 crore man days. Nearly 15000 people have been provided employment through various contractors and over 65 percent are locals. The work is still going on in respect of the project and the<revised data could be more encouraging. Look at the other side of the project, the suppliers of the material of different hues, transportation and other aspects providing avenues of increased sales, turnover and the resultant benefits to all those involved in such supplies also creates livelihood opportunities.
Needless to add, this Railway link was going to connect Kashmir and for that matter entire Jammu and Kashmir with rest of India besides ensuring inner connectivity set to accelerate economic growth, prosperity and mobility of people at pocket friendly rates. In fact, notable thing about the prestigious project is having taken care of economically most backward areas like Reasi, Rambanetc. Connectivity between villages and constructing some roads for strategic purposes and raising infrastructure including pertaining to education and social welfare are other benefits provided to people by this rail link.