Electric poles pose risk in Udhampur

We want to draw the attention of the District Administration Udhampur, PDD department towards the bad condition of electric wires in Lower Meer in Panchari Udhampur.
The people have expressed serious concern over loosely hanging of electricity wires in the area. The high voltage wires are seen hanging over trees and wooden poles. Some of these poles have rotten, and may collapse any time. They even pose danger even during rainy days.
It may prove to be a catastrope of great magnitude in case remedial measures are not taken quickly.
The PDD authorities are requested to take cognizance of the matter without wasting further time.
K Kumar

Electricity shortage in Rajouri
We the people of this farflung area want to draw the attention of the District Administration Rajouri towards the electricity shortage in Dehri Rolyote (Manjakote) area. The area is facing this shortage for last three to four months now, and this is causing severe problems to the people here in conducting day to day business. With the onset of winter, power position has further worsened.The outage is also damaging electric gadgets and household appliances. Besides, students are facing problems in studying in dim light.
We request the authorities to augment power supply in the area so that we can carry on our daily chores without any hindrances.
Muzzafar Bhatti

Blacktop Paloura-Sarwal road
This is to draw the attention of the JMC authorities towards the bad condition of Paloura-Sarwal road. This road needs urgent repairs for smooth driving as it is riddled with pot-holes at various places which often cause impediments in smooth vehicular traffic particularly during rush hours in the morning and evening.
The problem had been highlighted time and again through print media, but no attention is being paid to this road for reasons best known to the authorities in the administration.
It is once again requested to the authorities to get this road black-topped at the earliest.
The work done shall be appreciated by the road users.
Vikas Mahajan
Paloura, Jammu

Stray dogs menace in Durga Nagar

The problem of stray dogs in Durga Nagar Roop Nagar has assumed alarming situation. The stray dogs, in groups, at times become so violent that young and old inhabitants do not dare to come in streets, for purchasing essential commodities, medicines or vegetables. If you are driving a two wheeler and the mood of dogs is changed, you will be chased by these creatures right away in such a manner that you won’t dare to drive again in the lanes. The problem was discussed with the concerned officers a number of times, but they have not bothered to address the issue so far. It remains a nightmare to walk through streets especially during evening hours in presence of these dogs. The JMC authorities are once again requested to tackle the menace for the sake of residents living here.
Sagar Bhat
Durga Nagar

Blacktop Kot-Balwal road
This is to draw the attention of the concerned authorities that the Bantalab-Kot Balwal road is in deplorable condition and its condition continues to worsen with each passing day. The road which was once puddle free is now full of them causing great inconvenience to the unsuspecting drivers. These puddles during rainy days prove quite dangerous causing damage not only to vehicles but cause trauma to drivers.
The authorities are requested to blacktop this road in the interest of a large section of people living in this part.
Nazir Choudhry
Kot Bhalwal