Elect honest people, defeat divisive policies of BJP: Cong

PCC chief G A Mir addressing a public meeting in Anantnag.
PCC chief G A Mir addressing a public meeting in Anantnag.

Excelsior Correspondent

ANANTNAG, Dec 2. Stating that the ongoing DDC elections in J&K were the best opportunity to again initiate the process of development at grass- roots level, the Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) today laid emphasizes over electing the honest and hardworking candidates in these elections to ensure that there was no more exploitation in the name of development  in J&K.
“People of Jammu and Kashmir have been pushed to wall in the name of development by the BJP, whileas, the latter was working to implement its political agenda, which is divisive and anti-people, responsible for the crisis and restlessness is J&K and across the country,” JKPCC president G A Mir said.
He said Congress Party is credited of gifting three tyre panchayat system to the Nation, aiming to involve people in the process of their own development at grass roots level,” he said and blamed the BJP Govt for harming the very foundation of the Panchayati Raj system by eroding their authorities to serve their vested interests.
Addressing public gatherings at Manzmoh, Dongwari, Tanjiloo, Checkwangund, Dalwach, Shistergam, Hiller, Lowermunda, Changoo, Saidwara  A&B and Pollia in South Kashmir today Mir urged the electorates to rise to the occasion to defeat the political exploitation and opportunism in the ongoing DDC elections, as these elections were  bound to change the direction, besides providing opportunities to  ensure  development of J&K at grass roots level.
Mir said J&K people have witnessed ugliest situation. They must understand that democratic process was the only way to register their protest. So, they must come out in large numbers to cast their vote against the BJP.
“I would appeal people of J&K not to get swayed by false propaganda and tall claims and exercise their franchise against the divisive, wrong and anti-people policies of the BJP,” Mir said and added that the falsehood and deceitful politics by BJP was the source behind restlessness among the people, which has to be defeated in the larger interest of well being of  people and overall development of J&K.
Senior Party leaders and functionaries of Anantnag also addressed the public gatherings and appealed people to ensure victory of Congress candidates.