Egg fetches Rs 2.6 lakh in Sopore

Suhail Bhat
SRINAGAR, Apr 15: A woman donated an egg to help build a masjid in the Malpora Warpora area of Sopore in the North Kashmir Baramulla district, and it ended up raising over 2 lakh rupees as multiple donors pitched in to support the project.
It began with a simple act of generosity from a local woman, whose contribution of an egg sparked a remarkable chain of events, ultimately culminating in an astounding sum of Rs 2,64,350 for a noble cause.
The egg became a beacon of hope for the construction of a Masjid. “We made an appeal to the people to donate whatever they could, whether it be clothes, cattle, or any other item, for the construction of the Masjid,” Nissar Ahmad, who was leading the donation campaign, said.
The auction, filled with a sense of camaraderie and purpose, saw bids soaring as individuals eagerly participated in the charitable endeavor. Ahmad recounted the fervor of the auctions, where bids for the simple egg skyrocketed from Rs 100 to an astounding Rs 2,64,350. “Each bid was a testament to the community’s unwavering dedication to this noble cause,” he said.
The generosity displayed was not confined to monetary contributions alone. As Ahmad revealed, “One donor, after purchasing the egg, donated it to the Masjid, igniting a chain reaction of selflessness. Such acts of kindness exemplify the profound sense of solidarity within the community,” he said.
Danish Hameed’s winning bid of Rs 70,000 marked the culmination of the auction, leaving participants and organizers alike awestruck by the overwhelming support received. “We were amazed to witness the outpouring of goodwill and generosity,” he said.
Danish said that beyond the bricks and mortar, the story of the egg auction in Malpora Warpora serves as a poignant reminder of the power of unity and compassion to uplift communities and build a brighter future. “I wish God bestows every one with the opportunity to contribute to such noble causes, steering them away from the vices that plague our society,” he said.