Efficient and effective policing


Rather for more effective and efficient policing as our Police Force being second to none in any associated field, still requires technological intervention and support for better performance. That would smoothen and gain speed and accuracy in disposing of crimes and crimes related issues. It can be safely held that policing has to keep pace , rather be two steps ahead of the smartness of criminals in trying to hoodwink the process of policing in detecting crime and apprehending the criminals so that the society can live in a peaceful environment. In this connection ,though much awaited, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha declaring “Go -Live”- Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) project of Jammu and Kashmir Police and launching the App of “JKeCOP”, is a grand step towards adopting modern, effective , efficient and prompt policing at all levels in Jammu and Kashmir. That, new police stations are slated to be setup under the CCTNS is again commendable ,however, it is hoped that the process will be completed in a time bound manner .Since public must get police help in need – promptly and effectively, the new initiatives will definitely strengthen the quick response mechanism instead of the police reaching last of all reminiscent in reel life as much as perhaps in reallife too with lot of exceptions, of course. Police – public rapport should be so intense, prompt, responsive and helpful that just by pressing the panic button, police help should arrive , more so, in case of women. Not only that accessing vital information about yatras, status of National Highway, e- crime awareness , safety tips for tourists but the public can quickly now share information with the police about traffic violations and accidents and the like means new dimensions in respect of policing . Senior citizens can avail of the facility and send distress calls to hopefully get prompt police help. Modern, trained, technology driven and supported policing is what is the need of the hour, especially in Jammu and Kashmir being a sensitive border part of the country