EDUSAT in State schools

This has reference to the news item ‘ISRO to make all EDUSATs in J&K functional by March 2017 ‘DE.
In order to meet the future needs of student community of the State, it is quite imperative that the schools, colleges in the State are equipped with ICT. At present, the schools in the State are lacking basic infrastructure. One of the basic requirement of schools is electricity – which is hardly available in schools. The schools in rural areas are worst hit. Without it, it is quite difficult to have ICT facility.
The Government must chalkout a programme in which it is ensured that all schools in the State have a power connection. This is a challenging task, and needs to be considered seriously by the authorities. It may be mentioned here that private schools which charge hefty  amounts as school fees  too do not  have power connections. Even if they have, they hardly run computer classes. Computer education is just a luxury there.
However, it is quite satisfying that some colleges have EDUSAT facility installed in them.
The EDUSAT will certainly  give a filip to higher education in the State.
Yours etc…..
Sandeep Kumar


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