Education provides purpose to life, violence leads to nowhere: Madni

Excelsior Correspondent

SRINAGAR, Apr 25:  Feeling disturbed at the frequent closure of educational institutions  in few districts of Kashmir valley, PDP vice president Mohammad Sartaj Madni has said that such a situation if allowed to continue will render us shallow   and we will be committing  a sin  which claims no pardon.
He said education is not about a career alone. It is essence of human  race, a cognition and consciousness, the virtues  which provide  the purpose to live as a cultured and civilized community or nation. This is a trust every race owes it to posterity.
Madni said the whole concept of life looses meaning if education is undermined or ignored. The beauty of life lies in making it splendid through pursuit  of knowledge and learning and to cause or  remain ignorant is a vice against very  existence.
He said  as a proud and responsible cultural entity we have been known lovers of education.   Our children as such  have a  right to grow, to live up to their reputation and avail best of the opportunities for harmonious development.  Parents wish there is no distraction in achieving this goal through smooth and uninterrupted learning process.  Unfortunately, at present, we see contrary is happening. It is shocking to witness to loss of precious days of personality building and orientation. Our heads bow in repentance  and many parents like me should be suffering from  anxiety. Let us not express helplessness as loss of education is not reparable, he added.
Madni said it is humane that any family gets hope and joy at the birth of a child. His or her step from parent’s lap to the school corridors doubles this feeling. Alas,  it is like a garden perishing  if  this feeling  vanishes in an undesirable activity or is  marred by violence and street protests , even for valid reason.   Such an experience is dreaded and horrendous for anyone  even for one  doesn’t have a child to nourish. In this kind of a scenario nothing but  haunting memories are left behind which give pain and remorse.
PDP leader said it is unfortunate that instability has perpetuated in the State which has been claiming a huge cost  in terms of lives and property. But the loss of time to learn and grow is something which renders us bereft of strength to survive and  turns us devoid of knowledge  and skill.


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