Educating Street Children

I would like to express my views of the plight condition of street children and want to suggest their education through the medium of your esteemed daily newspaper. For most of the lower income segments in developing countries like India,literacy is the only way to elevated their quality of life .However resource limitations have always restricted the provision of education to the country’s lower income population. I suggest for breaking the shackles of poverty besides achieving progress the nation must allocate sufficient funds for educational institutions. Since Government budgets are not enough to educate the rapidly growing population of India,the successful business enterprises and the elite must take social responsibility to uplift the vulnerable segments by establishing NGOs or institutions that enable free education so no one is deprived of this basic right.Collective efforts for this noble cause can promote sustainable socio-economic growth by nurturing a globally competitive workforce. I think an educational revolution is urgently needed in the country.Only then can the class consciousness for the poor elevate to such a level that they are able to look beyond earning food for their family and contribute towards fighting for their rights .I think this is the only way that the issue of stark inequality can be addressed.
Mool Raj
Bhagota (Rivera)
Panjsoo, Doda.