Educate women

A lot is said about how women should change by wearing full length clothes instead of skirts and tops and by not going alone anywhere at the night-time. Yes, for all seasons, women have been denied of their wishes and proper in the society. Especially in orthodox societies, like ours. As for a woman, it is not easy to survive in a male dominated society where so many rape cases are emerging day after day. For all, the reasons is men consider women as weak and fragile till now.
They (some of men) consider women merely as an instrument to satisfy their erotic desires. Why they consider women merely a sexpot, totally go over the head. There is a lack of moral values in the men.  If a woman is ambitious about her goals, then why is she considered as selfish? There is a superior feeling in men over the women. Why is she considered as birdbrain in the society? All these questions needs to be answered.
For a woman, it is never easy to stand on her own. Only proper education will help and a lot is needed to be done by all for the amelioration of  the women in the society. For a satisfactory position and welfare of women in the society, a thorough change in the attitude of the people is required.
Yours etc…
Anshika Mahajan


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