Edible oils end steady: neem oil decline on reduced offtake

NEW DELHI, Mar 2:  In restricted activity, edible oils ended on a steady note on the wholesale oils and oilseeds market today.
However, neem oil in the non-edible section, declined owing to reduced industrial offtake.
Traders said restricted buying activity against adequate stocks position mainly kept most of edible oils steady.
They said, however, reduced industrial offtake, put pressure on the neem oil.
In the national capital, neem oil in the non-edible section, fell by Rs 50 to Rs 5,000-5,100 per quintal.
The following were today’s quotations per quintal:
Oilseeds: Mustardseed 2,950-3,050 and Groundnut Seed 2,150-2,900.
Vanaspati Ghee (15-litre tin) 1,100-1,250.
Edible oils: Groundnut Mill Delivery (Gujarat) 12,350, Groundnut Solvent Refined (per tin) 2,110-2,160, Mustard expeller (Dadri) 8,250, Mustard Pakki Ghani (per tin) 1,300-1,380, Mustard Kachi Ghani (per tin) 1,385-1,485, Sunflower 6,300, Sesame Mill Delivery 11,200, Soybean Refined Mill Delivery (Indore) 7,400, Soyabean Degum (Kandla) 6,950, Crude Palm Oil (Ex-Kandla) 7,350, Cottonseed Mill Delivery (Haryana) 7,050, Palmolein (RBD) Rs 7,500, Palmolein (Kandla) 7,000, Rice Bran (phy) 3,800 and Coconut (per tin)1,360-1,410.
Non-edible oils: Linseed 6,550, Mahuwa 4,000, Castor 8,700-8,800, Neem 5,000-5,100, Rice Bran 3,130-3,230 and Palm Fatty 3,225-3,300.
Oilcakes: Groundnut Dehusk 800-850, Sesame 950-1,150, Mustard (New) 1,000-1,025, Mustard 1,200-1,210 and Cottonseed 1,075-1,175. (PTI)


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