Economy in deep crisis, witnessing ‘death of demand’: Yashwant Sinha

NEW DELHI: India’s economy is in a “very deep crisis”, witnessing “death of demand”, and the Government is “befooling people” by its “brave talks” that the growth would be better in the next quarter or the one after that, said former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha on Sunday.

The official data released on Friday show that India’s second quarter GDP growth, has slumped drastically to “4.5 per cent” and is at its lowest in over six years.

“No matter what the powers that be say, the fact is that we are in a very deep crisis.

“All this brave talk that the next quarter will be better or the quarter after that will be better is not going to happen. They (the Government) are trying to fool the people by saying the next quarter will be better,” asserted Sinha. (AGENCIES)