Economic activities will be affected by labourers returning to their homes: Source

NEW DELHI, May 29: Economic activities in the country will be affected by migrant labourers returning to their homes due to the unfavourable circumstances arising out of the lockdown, despite the announcement of a financial package of about Rs 21 lakh crore to overcome the adverse effects of Corona pandemic on the economy, believes a government’s highly placed source.

Everyone wanting to live with their families in difficult circumstances like the Corona virus is in conformity with the natural spirit of human beings and this should be respected, the source said on Friday.

However, the source acknowledged that the returning of the labourers home may affect the economy.
The matter is being discussed with the Labour Ministry and it has been asked to collect data on jobs and salary cuts during lockdown.

However, the economy is expected to get back on track with the relief given in some areas and the commencement of economic activities amid the lockdown, the source said.
Manufacturing activities have started and there are reports of 20 to 35 per cent capacity of the plants working.
The source said that companies have now started the process of recruiting workers locally. Many types of incentives are also being given for this, including three meals a day.
The source said that the increase in GST on essential or non-essential commodities depends on the GST Council but for bringing the economy back on track after lockdown, demand will need to be increased in every sector.
It is noteworthy that the GST Council is going to meet next month and it is expected that GST can be increased on non-essential items to enhance the revenue. (UNI)