Earth to be closest point to Sun on Wednesday: PS Director

HYDERABAD: Planet Earth will be at closest point to Sun in its annual elliptical orbit around Sun at 0.9832843 that is approximately 147097237 km from Sun at 1105am on Wednesday. Planetary Society (PS), India Director and Founder Secretary N Raghunandan Kumar on Tuesday said Astronomically this is phenomena which is known as “Perihelion”.
He said whereas on July 6, 2018 Earth will be at Aphelion at 1.0166961 AU (152095571 km.) from Sun ie it will be at farthest point from Sun. In other words Earth tomorrow will be 4998334 km closer to earth compared to July 6. Mr Kumar said, though people cannot observe this event, it is of greatest importance with educational potential for students and public to understand.
Commonly it is believed that Distance of Earth to Sun decides the season or temperature on earth. However it is not true, he said, Actually axial tilt (approx. 23.5 Degree) of Earth on its axis while revolving around Sun regulates seasons on planet Earth with one of the Hemisphere facing away or towards Sun.
Citing an evidence or example, the Planetary Society, India Director said when Earth is closest to Sun at beginning of year 2018 it is winter in India & most of countries in Northern Hemisphere.
Whereas it’s summer in Southern Hemisphere countries. Also in July when Earth is at farthest point from Sun it’s mostly hot in India. One can note this when the cloud is clear.
This clearly shows for people to observe Distance of Earth to Sun doesn’t decide the Season but its tilt. On misleading reports on Quadrantids Meteor Shower which is not Visibility, he said from December 28 to January 12, 2018 the Annual Quadrantids Meteor Shower is at peak on 3rd/4th January 2018.
However presence of Full Moon all through the night will wash out the streaks of light which zip across the Sky. However viral video’s on various Celestial Events are misleading general public.
They claim visibility of this Meteor Shower, which is not true. Interested Schools/Public can visit < > for more information, he added. (AGENCIES)


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