Early diagnosis of cancer has favorable outcomes: Fortis Hospital

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Feb 14: Since early diagnosis of cancer has many favorable outcomes, it is equally important to choose the right, complete cancer care centre with prompt treatment modalities.
According to Dr Ankur Bahl, who is the Senior Director and HoD of the Oncology Department at Gurugram based Fortis Hospital, a comprehensive cancer care center not only brings together integrated advanced technology but also experts of the field, who have dedicated their lives to save others battling cancer.
Further, it is not only about the infrastructure of the hospital/cancer centre or only the available technology, but in real sense, a comprehensive cancer care center provides with various experts and their collective specialties, who focus on the same problems but from different point of views through their vast experiences.
The Oncology Department at Fortis Hospital, Gurugram has a comprehensive and multidisciplinary cancer care facility with experts from various medical disciplines/ field available as a team to plan, evaluate and provide the best possible treatment modalities for cancer patients under one roof.
Various studies have shown that the treatment outcomes of a cancer patient being treated at a comprehensive cancer care center have resulted in better survival rates and improved quality of life, than those being treated at the other hospitals/ cancer centers.
Emphasizing the importance of the same, Dr Bahl advises those patients seeking cancer treatment and says: “First of all it is very important for the patients and their caregivers to understand the type of cancer one has been diagnosed and if the chosen cancer centre has the experience in treating those types of cancer. This becomes more important, pertaining to the fact that certain rare type of cancers or critically challenging cases require apprehensive and apt treatment regime.”
Having access to the latest evidence based advance testing modalities, experts’ team at Fortis Hospital, Gurugram not only provides necessary support to the patients but also chooses the most effective treatment option for the patients.
With recent advancements made in the field of oncology, targeted therapy has gained much importance due to its effectiveness and precise targeting. Such options help to determine whether the therapy matches the genetic mutation of the patient’s tumor, so that the treatment can be customized as per every single patient, explained Dr Bahl.
With the availability of genetic testing, he added, those with a family history cancer can also determine if they are at high risk and can be guided in selecting the best treatment options early.