Dying Gilsar Lake

Once famous for its fresh sweet water and located in Srinagar city, Gilsar Lake is exasperating for its very existence. Not only has its waters been pathetically dirtied but encroachments and dumping garbage in it has further shortened its area . The apathy of the people and the Government towards salvaging its condition is such that most of the local residents must not be knowing about its past sheen and glory , having been a part of Kushhal Sar lake. This lake is connected to the Nigeen lake in Srinagar.
This lake, unfortunate as it is , has become perhaps the choicest place for dumping garbage and filth. Piles of garbage is seen on its banks too and carcasses of dead animals floating on its muddied waters but no one seems to be rueing about its likely ultimate fate if this lake was not immediately saved. Lakes and Water Bodies Development Authority (LAWDA) has to take special interest in saving this lake as also Peoples’ voluntary Bodies and Organisations. The Government must not allow this lake ultimately to die with an ultimate aim to have a few buildings and shops constructed over its filled body only to write epitaphs later on.