DSS organises exclusive show for women achievers

Dogra women achievers during an exclusive show organised by DSS on Wednesday.
Dogra women achievers during an exclusive show organised by DSS on Wednesday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 31: The Dogra Sadar Sabha (DSS) stole the day by organizing an exclusive show for the women achievers of the Dogra region here today. It was a treat to find distinguished, learned achiever women from various fields of excellence and walks of life getting together at one time under one roof in their gracefully selected colourful attires.
It was a unique event with grace overflow in many aspects. The selection of achievers was broad based and had educationists, artists, Legal luminaries, Armed forces elite, social workers, students of various levels and many more. The younger women achievers were also recognized by honouring the toppers from School Board, Colleges and university examinations.
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The event was also utilized to invoke the “Naari Shakti” to come to the aid of the society in preserving, promoting and boosting the fundamental values of humanity and of the Dogriyat in particular. The participants, during short talks, noted with concern the evils setting up in society and the younger generation being driven to laziness, falsehood, drugs and crime. It is an 18 year young girl of class XI from Pune who is suspected to be ISIS Fidayeen arrested at Jammu. That is the level of degeneration, cases of rash driving, school level drop outs, gender related crimes are on the increase with a recent heinous crime of a minor girl  abducted, kept in illegal confinement, sexually assaulted and eventually murdered. “Our traditional culture and respect to womanhood is vanishing”. Women unitedly resolved to curb this menace and take upon the basic education from cradle onwards to inculcate the values.
It was further resolved that learned women in various professions will give some quality time to their own children to inculcate in them our great traditional values, ethos and culture that has kept the Dogra region bound together across communal, regional and religious differences and ensure that no mischievous agencies are allowed to disturb the peace and amicability of brotherhood and peaceful co-existence.
The unique assembly of distinguished Dogra women took a serious note of the disturbed education in the villages on the IB and LoC due to cross border firing by Pakistan. They urged the Government to organize coaching for the children who are not able to attend schools either due to shifting or their school buildings occupied by migrated population.
Th. Gulchain Singh Charak, president DSS and former Minister invoked the “Shakti Swaropni” image of the women indicating the nine incarnations of Maa Shakti.
He said that every time there is excess of evil forces the Shakti Maa incarnates herself to destroy evil and restore the rule of Dharma, fairness and peace.