Drop services for AIIMS patients

Providing the best, most affordable and at-the-door-point health services have been the dream of the present GoI. From limited AIIMS in India to now almost one AIIMS in every State/UT, the transformation has been huge with the public getting the maximum benefits, if not in their home districts but at least in their states. All these efforts have reduced the burden on AIIMS at Delhi but still, some super specialities are best at Delhi AIIMS. People of Northern and Central India still throng Delhi AIIMS for certain specialised treatments. The rush is still there with months of waiting lists but GoI is trying its best to reduce the rush and improve facilities. Reports through mobiles and online appointments are a few much-appreciated value additions and the latest entrant in value-added services is free-to-drop services for Cardio Neurosciences Centre patients. It is a blessing in disguise as patients can avail of the facility with online pre-appointment, anywhere in NCA of Delhi. One attendant can accompany the patient but a recumbent position patient is not allowed to avail of this service as it has a seating arrangement, not an ambulance service. But this goes in a long way for poor patients who cannot afford private transportation.
Such innovative models can be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir also where the private ambulance mafia is prevalent with no checks or balances. For even critical patients either the Government, ambulances are not available or simply not ready to provide free services. The situation becomes more complicated for far-flung areas, more specifically for neo-natal special requirements. With our own upcoming AIIMS out of city limits, these free drop services will be of much help. Parking of even GMC Jammu has no visible parking area for even ambulances outside even emergency. Those in charge must think and plan their priorities, a proper parking is the need of the hour or a magnificent gate outside the hospital. Profligacy must end and simple value additions of AIIMS type must be incorporated to serve humanity.