Drafting of RTI request

This refers to article “Draft RTI request with perfection” by Dr Raja Muzaffar on this paper on 11th March. It has become a norm for many RTI applicants to pose irrelevant and absurd questions. Information means which is available with a public authority. Public Information Officers (PIOs) are mostly the junior level officers and they can’t comment on the policy matters and opinions. It is the PIO who has to face the wrath of Information Commission as well.
At times even if information is worth sharing, PIOs get direction from the office boss not to reveal the same. In many case irrelevant and voluminous information is sought through an RTI application. Information seekers intending to seek information under RTI Act must consult some learned persons while drafting the application otherwise as the author has said, lot of time is consumed and the final result is discouraging. Let information seekers ask limited and to the point information. Above all Public Authorities need to make voluntary disclosure of information as mandated under section 4 of JK RTI Act 2009.
B A Bhat