Dr Jitendra dares Cong, NC to make Art 370 election issue

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh during an interaction with media at New Delhi on Wednesday. 
Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh during an interaction with media at New Delhi on Wednesday. 

Excelsior Correspondent

NEW DELHI, Oct 16 : Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh today challenged Congress, National Conference (NC) and their allies to make Article 370 an election issue and confront BJP head-on at the hustings.
Strongly hitting back at Congress and its allies for denouncing BJP for referring to Article 370 during party’s election campaign, Dr Jitendra Singh, who was interacting with media after his return from election campaigning in Haryana, said, if the opposition leaders are confident about what they are saying, why don’t they go to people and tell them  to punish the BJP for abrogation of Article 370.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, we have Assembly elections going on in Haryana and Maharashtra, and Block Development Council (BDC) elections going on in Jammu & Kashmir, but the principal opposition parties in these States, including Congress and NC, are very cautious not to utter the word “Article 370” because, in the heart of hearts, they realize that they have lost the plot and that they can no longer carry on with the bluff and duplicity which they had held the people to ransom for the last nearly seven decades.
Taking a dig at the opposition parties in Jammu & Kashmir, Dr Jitendra Singh said, the leaders of these parties are day in and day out crying hoarse about some of their leaders being under house arrest, but what prevents those leaders who are not under house arrest to come out and make their position clear on Article 370.
Reiterating the challenge made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Congress to state in its party manifesto that it will restore Article 370, Dr Jitendra Singh said, the hilarious predicament of both NC and Congress is that they are neither saying that they will restore Article 370 if voted to power nor they are saying that they are opposed to the abrogation of  Article 370, and thus taking an ambiguous position in the hope that they might benefit from the confusion sought to be created by them. But, he said, in today’s google age where majority of the voters are below the age of 40 years and are fully informed on real – time basis, the tricks of the past are not going to help these parties.