Dowry system

Dowry system is a curse on the fair name of society. To accept money, gold ornaments, plenty of furniture, colour TV, car, scooter, bike, AC, cooler, refrigerator as a dowry from bride’s parents is certainly a windfall-an unaccounted property.
Innocent bride is a lonely figure. She is mercilessly beaten and tortured. She is harassed and persecuted. She is more sinned against than sinning. No one comes to her help. She is punished in the name of insufficient dowry. Is it not a crime ?
The Government must rise to the occasion. It must frame such strong laws to protect young and pretty brides. After all they are the daughters and sisters of someone who is a respectable member of this civilized society. The educated young people should come forward to give a befitting ‘slap’ to the blot of dowry.
Sanjay Dhar,
Laxmi Nagar
Sarwal, Jammu