Dorje Angchuk accuses Ambika Soni of trying to create scare among Ladakhis

Excelsior Correspondent
LEH, Dec 14: Dorje Angchuk, Leh District President of Bharatiya Janata Party, accused Congress leader Ambika Soni of trying to create a scare among the Ladakhis by predicting threat to their resources and rich cultural identity.
“Her apprehensions are not only baseless but self-contradictory since the UT of Ladakh has been created for this very purpose,” he said in a statement, issued here today.
Alleging that Congress is trying to regain the lost ground in Ladakh through divisive politics by provoking the youth on false pretexts, Dorje said: “Till now Congress has been relying on the false promise of UT to lure the voters but failed to fulfil the promise despite being in power for almost five decades and now that the BJP has met the aspiration of the people of Ladakh by making it a UT, which Congress opposed in the Parliament, it is now trying to divide the people by creating fear in their minds.”
“The fear, apprehension and disenchantment among Ladakhis as claimed by Ambika Soni is a product of her sinister mind to provoke the people of Ladakh by creating an issue in form of 6th Schedule, which permits creation of separate administrative councils for protecting the tribal rights of the identified tribes of the four north eastern States whereas the people of Ladakh already have two highly empowered Autonomous District Hill Councils for Leh and Kargil,” he explained and added that people of Ladakh have full faith in these Councils which have been given additional powers lately to safeguard the interests of the people and develop the area.
Allaying the apprehensions of the people, Dorje assured them that Para 58 (2) of Part IV of J&K Reorganisation Act of 2019 clearly states,”the President may make regulations for the peace, progress and good Government of the Union Territory of Ladakh under Article 240 of the Constitution of India.” Any law needed to safeguard their interest will be made, asserted Dorje.
Similarly, he added, the land rights of the people have been protected by retaining the land laws that were prevalent in the State prior to 5 August 2019. Dorje advised the people to carefully study Table 2 of Schedule 5 of the Reorganisation Act and not get carried away by the false and motivated propaganda of certain vested interests.