Don’t Worry! Be Happy!!

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji

Each one of us faces numerous troubles in daily life. No one is immune from problems. Some are leaving behind difficulties at their jobs, while others are distraught because in these difficult economic times they cannot even find a job. Some are facing problems within their families, while others are concerned because they are trying to find someone to marry to start a family. In every home someone is facing a health problem of one sort or another. Some are dealing with the loss of a family member they loved.
Many face financial worries. If we look into the lives of each person, no one escapes the pain and suffering of the world.
Whatever pains we have suffered, we do not want to add to these pains. Instead, we want to add the nectar of bliss to our lives. We can do so by leaving behind our worries. Worry has a way of ruining everything in life.
In this connection, there is a story of a woman who had two sons. She had lost her husband and needed her two sons to support her. Each son had a small business that relied upon the weather. Every day she worried about whether they were going to do well or not. The woman’s friend said to her, “You are always in a state of worry. What makes you so anxious?”
The woman said, “One of my sons sells umbrellas. Thus, every day when I awake, I look out the window to see what the weather is like. If it is a sunny day I worry because I know that no one will buy his umbrellas. Unless it is a rainy day, I worry about how much he will make that day since he has to support me.”
The friend said, “What does your other son do?” She said, “He also owns a small business. He sells suntan lotion. Therefore, each day I check the weather report and if it is cloudy or rainy, I worry because no one buys suntan lotion on a day when it is not sunny. If he does not sell enough suntan lotion, he will not make enough money and will have trouble supporting me.”
The friend said, “You are such a fool. One son sells umbrellas so he will make money on a rainy day. One son sells suntan lotion and will make money on a sunny day. You are so focused on what they will not
make and do not realize that no matter what the weather is, whether sunny or rainy, one of them will make money. In this way you will have income to help you from one or the other, no matter what the weather is like. Either way, whether rain or shine, you win!”
This woman was looking at life as having a cup half empty rather than a cup half full. If we have a job, we complain about it and wish we could be like the people who do not have a job and were off all day. The people who do not have a job are complaining that they want a job. Similarly, those who have lots of family problems look at those who live alone and think they have it easier. The people who are living alone wish they had companionship and someone to live with. No matter what our situation in life, we find something about which to worry.
There is a humorous saying, “Instead of losing sleep and worrying all night, put your worries in God’s hands. After all, God is up all night anyway!” So let us put that advice into practice and leave the results in God’s hands. Let us not get involved with our intellect that puts us into a state of worry and distress. Let us leave it in the hands of the Almighty and just and concentrate on good deeds.Let us be lost in the madness of His love so we, too, can be filled with joy and happiness. Let us take each moment as it comes. Let us be happy and not worry!