Don’t vote for those interested in dharnas: Modi

NEW DELHI :  Citing “track record” of BJP-ruled states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today appealed to the electorate of Delhi to vote his party to power here if they want development rather than ‘dharnas’ as he lashed out at AAP as well as Congress.
He said both AAP and Congress had “forged friendship behind the curtains” last year to form a government in Delhi but as soon as polls were declared, they started competing each other in “spreading lies that could lead to sensation and give them some space in the media”.
Addressing a rally in Dwarka in south west Delhi, Modi emphasised that Delhi needs a government which is “sensible” and “sensitive” to address the problems of the national capital.
Apparently targeting AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal without naming him, he said Delhi will suffer if the electorate vote for someone who is more interested in “dharnas” and “looking for space in TV media” than talking about issues to address them.
“Running a government is a serious task… Governments cannot be run by getting space in the media but getting a space in the hearts of people,” the Prime Minister said.
While seeking a clear majority for BJP unlike the fractured majority in the last Assembly polls in 2013, he cited the “track record” of the states ruled by the party like Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.
He also underlined that if a BJP government is formed in Delhi, its Chief Minister will have the “fear of Modi” and perform.
“Delhi needs a government with full majority. The government we can trust. If you vote in a BJP government, then those who will be here will be afraid of Modi and the central government. But if there is someone who does not have anyone above him, then that person will bring in only devastation,” Modi said.
He said that “incomplete” mandate has already led to wastage of one year of Delhi’s development, which has “set the state back by 25 years”. (AGENCIES)


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