Don’t think India’s musical heritage is dying: A R Rahman

MUMBAI, Aug 3:
Music maestro A R Rahman says India’s musical heritage may lack exposure but it is not dying as its roots are deep in tradition and people have a spiritual connection with it.
The double Oscar-winner has travelled across India to find rare instruments and hidden musical traditions in his maiden non-fiction series, “Harmony with A R Rahman”, being launched on Amazon Prime on August 15.  The quest underscored what Rahman always thought was true about India — every street has a musical legacy. Rahman will interpret these traditions in a modern context on the show. “I don’t think India’s rich musical heritage is dying, only the exposure is dying. People love traditions and it is beyond anybody’s money or power. It (music) is the lifestyle of so many people. “I was talking about this place in Kerala, Kalamandalam, where they have this guru-shishya thing and they have a place in Chennai which has a fees of Rs 370 per year and they teach folk music, classical music and dance.  (PTI)