Don’t just change regimes, think of future: PM to Kerala voters

KUTTANAD (Kerala): Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked the people of Kerala to think of their future and not just change regimes, as he continued his tirade against ruling UDF and the LDF saying both have failed to provide even drinking water to them in so many years.
Addressing his second election rally here, Modi also accused the Congress and CPI(M) of covering each other’s corruption and said they would get to know that governments have to work for the people only when they are defeated.
“Kerala is surrounded by water but still there is no drinking water here. India will next year complete 70 years of her freedom. Both Congress and Communists have ruled the state by turn (all these years) but they are not concerned about even providing drinking water,” Modi, whose party has so far played a marginal role in state politics, said.
Asking the people whether those who have failed to provide even basic things like drinking water should be elected or not, Modi said “both the Congress and Communists are in sync when it comes to indulging in corruption.”
“These people have decided to taste power for five years in rotation. This way, they decided not to look each other’s sins and open their files (expose corruption),” he said.
“You need to think if you just have to change the government or your future also,” Modi exhorted the crowd.
This was his second election rally in the Southern State, which is all set to go for polls on May 16.
Earlier in the day at a poll rally at Kasaragod, Modi had taken a dig at the two main political parties of Kerala, saying both were “insulting” the educated people of Kerala through their adjustment politics.
“A new model of politics has come up in Kerala. It is an adjustment politics, politics of compromise, politics of corruption and politics of contract to save each other,” he said at the election meeting at Kasaragod.
“It is a contract rule between UDF and LDF. For five years you rule and for another five years we will rule”. This is how the two Fronts have been returning to power in the state, Modi said attacking the two Fronts in the state,” he had said. (AGENCIES)