Domestic violence in J&K

This is in reference to the article published in DE dt 10-12-2019 on the issue of DV. I am sorry to communicate to the learned author that being biased he has projected only one side of the coin. Dr itoo before submitting the article in the leading newspaper should have done home work to do justice to both the sexes. Let him know that the section 498A IPC, was introduced with the hope that females will get justice if harassed by husband, but the section is being misused by the disgruntled females who use this section not for getting justice but for settling their scores with husband and his family. It should be known to the author that more than 90% of such case of so called DV by husband &in laws have been found to be the fake, not only this, disgruntled females under the garb of DV, torture her husband and his family knowing that law will favour her. I therefore request the author to first go through the cases of DV carefully without being biased to know as to who is the real victim of DV. I can challenge the author to have dabate on the topic. Hope in future the misery of both the husband and wife shall be realized before publishing such articled
Dr. Subash Gupta
[Former Member Scientific Advisory
Committee of The Chief Minister,
J&K State]